Black Nugget Lake Observatory

Black Nuggett Lake Observatory

Access Policy and Rules of Conduct

Through an agreement with Beaver County, the RASC Edmonton Centre has access to a portion of land at the north end of the Black Nugget Lake Campground for the purpose of maintaining an astronomical observing site. The agreement requires that RASC Edmonton Centre establish procedures for access to, and security of, the observing site. Access to the observing site is available ONLY to authorized RASC Edmonton Centre members.

To obtain the access code for the BNLO North Gate, familiarize yourself with the BNLO Access Policy and Rules of Conduct and then request access by email to the BNLO Committee: [email protected], with your phone number and the statement "I have read and understood the BNLO Access Policy and Rules of Conduct, and I agree to be bound by the policy and rules, and I hereby request the access code for BNLO North Gate."

BNLO Access Policy and Rules of Conduct

Operator Levels

BNLO Operator Levels have been defined to ensure the effective and safe operation of the BNLO. All Operator levels have ongoing requirements, permissions and responsibilities as described in the document BNLO Operator Level Requirements.

BNLO Operator Level Requirements

Barry Arnold Memorial Telescope
Policies and Procedures

This is the legendary, award winning, BIG telescope designed, built, and upgraded by the RASC Edmonton Centre. The telescope won a Merit Award for Outstanding Design and Craftsmanship at the 1989 Riverside Telescope Makers' Conference. The telescope has an excellent 18" f/4.33 primary mirror made by master mirror maker Barry Arnold with a focal length of 1966mm. It's an open truss tube design with a solid wood dobsonian mount and a poncet platform. Articles about the telescope can be found in these issues of Stardust: January 1989, September 1989, 2004 50th Anniversary Stardust and October 2016. At the 2016 Northern Prairie Star Party, the telescope was dedicated as the Barry Arnold Memorial Telescope (BAMT).

The BAMT is stored at the Black Nugget Lake Observatory and is available for use ONLY by authorized RASC Edmonton Centre members. To obtain authorization to use the BAMT, familizarize yourself with the BAMT Instructions, complete the forms in the BAMT Policies and Procedures, and contact the BNLO Committee by email at: [email protected].

                 BAMT Instructions                                   BAMT Policies and Procedures